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Inspirational Poetry by Kim Priest


Eagerly I await the flicker of dawn’s new glistening ray
The sun hugging the mountain, saying good morning every day
The warmth slowly encases the tree standing tall in the meadow
Heating the bark on one side, the other side leaving a shadow

Autumn’s mists sit heavily in the valley, all the way along
Like a soft downy blanket, not a breath of wind, they stay strong
Each creature in the valley is calm and softly chewing it’s cudd
Or sitting in its tree silently spying the ideal seed or the ideal bud.

Shadows grow shorter as the ground slowly warms up below
And slow breezes billow golden leaves into rivers that flow
Caressed by the same breeze, it feels like the soft hand of a girl
Tickling at my cheek, her soft hand plays with a long curl

And as the shadows now grow longer on the other side of the tree
I know the whole world would be at peace if they could just see what I see
The air cools down around me and pulls me away from my hill top
But even being away from it, my love of this beautiful place will never stop

Autumn days will soon pass into days filled with rain
Its sorrowful teeming, only streams and rivers will ever gain
So tomorrow I’ll stand on my hill and soak up of the heat
Of a Central Hawkes Bay autumn, not a thing else can it beat

Kiwi Family Trust Stress Busting Tip:
“Find your “HILL”, visit it often both in the flesh and in your mind”.


We both are confined to bodies that are broken
But out of great pain new strengths are awoken
Hold up yourself and live for your life ahead
Toss out old burdens and live for your future instead

By looking to the past we can see how far we’ve come
It may not seem a great distance, but go do the sums
Life is a measure of the character we build
Character’s like a house, a forest’s worth we’ve milled

A copy of this verse I shall keep for myself
Life’s problems can collect not unlike dust on a shelf
‘A problem shared, a problem halved’ a quote not to forget
Someone understanding to talk to you’ve no reason to regret

Friendships are born when you learn of common ground
And ‘I understand’ can be one of life’s most comforting sounds
If not the words then maybe on my shoulder you can lean
Would mean more to you when life seems so terribly mean

Though we’ve never spent time at any great length
Just know in hard times of my pure good intent
My thoughts will be with you the next few days, weeks and years
Maybe next time you need it, I can comfort your tears

Kiwi Family Trust Stress Busting Tip:
“Talk to people you trust about little problems before they grow into big problems.”


Sitting as I listen, to the soulful sounds from your heart
A tear kisses my cheek, that wasn’t there at the start
This loss isn’t mine, to selfishly hold to my chest
This loss isn’t yours, sent as any great mystical test.

Know at this hour, when the room seems empty and bleak
When your heart feels like breaking, it’s only comfort that you seek
Though my voice is only one, in a wide open empty space
Let it wipe your tear of pain, like the gentlest of Spanish lace.

Remember in your heart, the times of a look or a word
A personal snapshot, and all it’s meaning you heard
These memories are yours, to cherish each and every day
Try to be true to the memory, in every honorable way.

Try not to be angry, at the shadow that took him
It’s difficult I know, but you’ll be eternally grim
Let go of the hurt, and feel him serenely above
Just remember his smile, just remember his love.

I’m just one little nobody, sitting at the bottom of the earth
Missing somebody special, who to me had such great worth
I hope that my words, heartfelt and filled with such sorrow
Help you move towards a time, when you can look forward to tomorrow.

Kiwi Family Trust Stress Busting Tip:
“Remember good times, smile and be thankful for those precious memories.”


As I sit in my chair, reaching the end of my life
I think of the things, that caused me worry or strife
And of all of the things, that spend great time in my mind
It’s the thought of the shadow, no peace it ever will find.

When the shadow came for me, Oh so many years ago
I was no more than a child, he didn’t care I said ‘No’
I wasn’t battered I wasn’t bruised, but I said no just the same
Regardless of layers I take off, I will always ware the pain.

But it wasn’t my fault, taught by my friend and the years
It can take a long time, to release the guilt and the fears
You must let yourself cry, for an innocence lost
Or the pain eats you up, and you’ll pay a much higher cost.

If a shadow’s come for you, and you find it hard to forget
I need to let you know, there’s something bigger you’ll regret
It’s the pain of the burden, of facing the shadow alone
If you don’t let it out, the pain your shadow will own.

So at the end of my life, my advice is let your pain out
Talk to a friend or a teacher, you can cry or can shout
Don’t get to the end of your life, and regret a sad life you’ve led
Look towards a shadowless life, filled with great love instead.

Kiwi Family Trust Stress Busting Tip:
“Make the time to do the things that you love. Make this your priority every day.”

Poem by Callum Kilgour-Aitken, age 10

You see families caring for each other
Kids hugging their father, their mother, their sister and brother
Families walking on beaches
Whilst others go fishing
Some go for picnics
Others stay at home
The number one goal is being a family

Poem by Natasha Layton, 22 July 2008

Old Self………

I will fight for my right to happiness
And will cease the wait for deliverance
From myself, this world and society
For freedoms answer lies in me.

I will unlock the chains of pity
That bind me from freedom and clarity
And forgive myself all of my flaws
And throw away the tool for sharpening these claws.

My inner fire I will keep for motivation
And my instincts will serve as navigation
In this journey I was so hesitant to start
For that meant healing the scars on my heart.

No longer will I be disappointed in others
Whether family, friends old or new lovers
For my time on this earth is a gift
And I’m wasting my time dwelling on the rift
Between what I want and what always is
Yet most of all I need to forgive.

My energy will now remain all my own
For this will combat my fear of being alone
As society has taught me that it is terminally wrong
To compose, develop and sing my own song.

So farewell to my old self
For in your own way you served me well
As best you could with what you knew
But now I need to change into something new.

This poem was inspired by the Humanize Me course I attended. If you are not happy with your life in any way, shape or form, give this a try. This course should be compulsory in schools, workplaces and training centres.