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"Tina Kina Tika Whanau O Aotearoa"
"Helping People to Help Themselves"
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Mentoring - Individuals, Families, Couples and Youth/Children

Adults (Parents)

It's sometimes hard to ask for help. Sometimes we feel inadequate, what will people think of us? Will they think I’m a bad parent or worse still stupid? When we get ourselves in a place of desperation and stress, our mind tends to play tricks on us. We just need to gain extra knowledge about ourselves and the tools we need to enable us to cope better. To be able to help ourselves to help the people that are close to us. Partner, children and friends. The more tools we have in our tool box the better house we can build!


Sometime in families there are several factors that create a stressful environment. We have extended families. We may have children from different marriages. We may have sibling rivalry. We may also have several children from a wide age group going through different phases of growth. Both parents might be having their own struggle with work or bringing up the family. Help with these challenges are just a phone call away.


When we are growing up as a teenager one of the challenges we have is dealing with the different points of view that our parents have in relation to us. What is happening is we are starting to question our parents view point and values on life. This is normal. We are trying to become us and not our parents. When both teenagers and parents understand what is happening then a better way of interacting is created. One on one mentoring is available.


It's hard enough to compete in our environment to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle without the added pressures of relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. Good honest communication is always the first place to start. Not with each other as you might be thinking but with ourselves. There is a need to understand ourselves in relation to others if we are to have an honest, open relationships. Acceptance of each other is key. We may have different values and likes and dislikes but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy each other for who we are.