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"Tina Kina Tika Whanau O Aotearoa"
"Helping People to Help Themselves"
Phone Number 0508 543375


Please take a look at the ways that you can donate, and if you have any queries, please contact us on 039638040 or 0508 life skills and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.
Phone donations
Ways to Donate

Alternatively please call the following 0900 numbers to charge the donation to your telephone account.

0900 366 10 $10 By Credit Card
0900 366 20 $20 By Credit Card
0900 366 30 $30 By Credit Card
0900 366 40 $40 By Credit Card
0900 366 50 $50 By Credit Card
0900 366 60 $60 By Credit Card
0900 366 80 $80 By Credit Card
Credit Card Donations

New! Donate by Credit Card Powered by Paymate

Paymate provides Internet-based payment services, which have been used by Trade Me and eBay. The payment process will be handled by Paymate and their secure payments service, and your credit card details will not be disclosed to Kiwi Family Trust.

About Donations tax credit

The Kiwi Family Trust is an approved donee for the purposes of sections LD1, DB 41 and DV 12 of the Income Tax Act 2007.

When you make a donation to us, generally you can claim a tax credit (formerly rebate) for that donation.

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Donee organisations

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Kiwi Family Trust
PO Box 22332
High Street
Christchurch 8142


Direct Deposit/Internet Banking

Account No: 06 0821 0341144 00
Bank / Branch: The National Bank Papanui Branch

If you require a receipt for income tax purposes(about Donations tax credit) please email us your postal address and your telephone number, quoting the reference word you received during your call. The receipt will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks once we have verified your donation.