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Carmel Duncan

Just recently I completed the 4 day self awareness course. I found the course very challenging because I knew that if I was really serious about making changes, I had to revaluate all areas of my life. The strategies or…


Richard Walker

Dear Nelson, Bella and co at Kiwi Family Trust.

Hi, on your course I found relevant tools to better equip myself for today. These tools I discovered, lay within me, and your course helped me bring out this confidant new…


Shyan Hill

My names Shyan Hill

I attended the 4-day Self-awareness course in November 2008. I wasn’t aware of this course until a friend recommended it to me. When I attended this course, I came with an open mind, which was filled…



Awesome course. I gained great insight from the week long course. Certainly improved my communication with my children, friends and those I come in to contact with. I would recommend this course to anyone on a journey of learning and…


Jackie Sheehan

Fabulous communities come from building fabulous individuals. The work that Kiwi Family Trust does enables the skills of life that so many of us take for granted to be placed into the hands of those that really need and want…


Steve Hulme


I was looking for a training and development programme that would allow staff to learn more about themselves and how to improve their relationships with others. The KIWI FAMILY TRUST provided a course that perfectly allowed these objectives…


Michael James

I write in confidence to recommend The Kiwi Family Trust with highest personal and professional regards.

By Participating in the Trust’s 4 day Humanize Me life skills development module,
and visiting regularly with staff from the Christchurch office, it…


Laurelee Duff


For four days during June of this year, I attended a Kiwi Family Trust course at the Golden Bay Community Centre. Attending the course had been suggested by a friend, who had been given great…


Nadine Oborn

KIWI FAMILY TRUST – 4 Day Self Awareness Course testimonial:

In my opinion, this course is for anyone and everyone.

We all have much to learn about ourselves no matter of age or experience.

For me this course was a…


Mark Hall

Gidday again Nelson,

I trust that you are in fine spirits.Wow Man, where to begin?Firstly I would like to commend you on your ability to put people at ease, to listen, to share unbiased opinions and your



Tai Taiki – Tokoroa

I have learnt so much from this Empowering Positive Change course.  I have been inspired, by the tools provided by Nelson Soper to enable me to change my life to the “ME”.


Karleen Turia

I am so privileged to have taken part of this programme.  I can’t explain how thankful I am to have learnt all that I have in the past 4 days. Absolutely grateful to have had Nelson (Uncle) he he!! As a tutor.


Vivian Rikona

What an absolute blessing to be a part of this course.  Never have I felt so inspired by a tutor.  Uncle Nelson you are a blessing, blessing, blessing.  May God bless you more than what you have blessed me


Kayla Snowling

Thank you for having this course to take.

I have really enjoyed myself and have a sense of who I am. Read more...

Leanne Watts

Great self awareness

Get the mind thinking, outside the square.

Think about others.

Gary Reid

This is the second time I done this course and if you asked me at the beginning of it my comments

would have “ho hum” “have already done it”

Don’t things change! After completing the course

Tonita Tewhakaara

I feel that I got to know more about myself, more about the way I think feel and act.

This course helped me a lot to realize what’s a keeper and what’s not in my life.

This course will help me in the long run for me and my children to get through the hardest days and to make good decisions.

Genvea Rikona

I will be able to achieve my goals of understanding & accepting people for who they are. I am able to put myself first without the feeling of guilt. I am confident that I will be a better mother & wife I am, I know I can be even better.

Vicki Macann

The program is only as good as the presenter and would recommend this course to everyone whether they think they need it or not. If you come with an open mind you will learn from it no matter what stage you are currently at. It will help me in all 3 areas of my life. It was well worth taking the four days away from work which I felt I could not loose from schedule. Highly recommend it.

Michele Martin

Great, wow, keep up the good work.

Atiria Hapa

This course as great, learnt a lot about myself, and how to communicate better with other people. and really enjoyed it. Thank you

Patrick Mohi

I was actually amazed at how this course works with Precognitive Alignments to find out what type of people we are, i found out more about myself then i ever did. Thanks heaps.

Tuti Borell

 Thank you. This has helped me understand more about me; however the greatest value achieved today is learning how to improve my relationship with my students, husband and children. Wish i could take the 4 day course.

Penny Hall

Saw a little more of myself than i thought. Lots to think about. Valuable as a social worker, to support me in how i work with my clients.

Merania Perich

Absolutely informative for myself. Although i have been through an intensive self-development there is always more to learn about myself and others. Today i have learnt so much more about myself and characteristics have been clearly explained. I have appreciated learning about the precognitive alignments and there descriptions and names


Read more..

Lorraine Campbell

TIn todays course it has helped me understand my husband more and with that not take on his stuff. Also i am ok with who i am. Thanks

Yvonna Hoefnagel

Great content. Well explained. Nice morning tea. Very interesting and imformative, useful. Thankyou

Patty Glasgow

I have appreciated the opportunity to learn and participatein the one day course "Clear communication". Nelsom presented the information in an  interesting and fun way. I now feel i will be more able to understand other nature typed (other than my own), for more effective communication.

Shirlene Burleigh

This course was aptly timed for me. I have learnt quite a bit about my own nature as well as gaining skills to recognize natures of other people. I will be using this newly gained knowledge in my personal contact this weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to attend. I will be recommending Kiwi Family trust course to others.

Joanna Jones

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. This has been a well run, logical course that sould be apart of all human learning. I feel closer to being "me" and being happy with owning who i am and what i have to offer. Thank you, i will be back.

Ron Taylor

Wonderful enlightening course. Learnt much, much more to learn and feel. Back to the enlightened path of happiness

Saskia Sandford

Thank you! Hello, last winter when i visited Redwood Plunket for an appointment with my daughter, there was a box of knitted bits and pieces for children, of which i took a beautiful cardigan and i would just like to say a big thank you! It was so generous and she will fit it again this winter, so has been well loved and worn! Thank you for what you do in the community! Saskia Sandford

Sara Mackenzie

Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have a lot of work to do but now have ways. Feel privileged to have had a place on this course.