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"Helping People to Help Themselves"
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Empowering our Youth on Camp

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These camps are designed to help with self-esteem, socialisation and communication skills and much more. Build  confidence; empower socialisation for kids who need a positive boost. Kiwi Family Trust takes kids away in the school holidays to experience FUN.

For children, social interaction is one of the major factors in their development. It teaches them how to communicate with different types of people, which is essential to their success later in life. As well as school, it is important that your child has the opportunity to interact with other children in different environments. Kiwi Family Trust developed camps to provide this opportunity, as we understand that it can be difficult for some families to provide such an opportunity due to finances, work commitments, or other unforeseen circumstances.


 2014 Camp Schedule

April - 2 camps both boys camps
July  - 2 camps both boys camps
September/October - 2 camps week 1 girls week 2 boys
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